Having Effective Meetings

Meetings… something all of us, pretty much, have to deal with. Well, maybe not if you’re a farmer, or a stay-at-home parent. But then you might have a family meeting, right?

How can they be more effective, and can they be fun?


I would suggest to you YES. Meetings, being a necessary part of life, need not be burdensome. Traditionally, organizations follow the Robert’s Rules of Order. Yes, meetings can be staid, but the key is to keep the meetings moving without getting off-track. Easier said than done!

The balance lies in keeping members engaged, accountable and bought in to what the organization is trying to accomplish. Assigning tasks as well as roles (Secretary, Chair, Treasurer), taking minutes and properly archiving documents are all part-and-parcel of Boards of Directors. You can even take a certification program to increase your effectiveness and savviness around the boardroom table!

I might start an organization one day for a cause I want to champion, but more and more I find that there are so many opportunities to serve in existing organizations. Sometimes the prudent thing to do is not to reinvent the wheel, but to jump on board (… pardon the pun) an already existing board!

Whatever your personal goals, starting a charity is a lot of work, but can have a big pay-off. The key would be to focus yourself, find members who could join your team and be ready for the paperwork that will ensue once you’ve been incorporated. It would be wise, of course, to approach a lawyer specialized in this field to help establish your entity. Otherwise, why not volunteer with an organization that is closely aligned with your personal values and convictions?


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