Being Fully Present

It takes great determination to be fully present in our distracted age.

In my writing, I tackle subjects as big as how our lives have been altered by technology, for good and for bad. Probably the greatest way that our lives have been affected by technological shifts has been through giving us more time.

That extra time can be wasted or put to good use. As a Christian, I find that cultivating an active prayer life is a MUST in order to achieve a high level of effectiveness for carrying out Christ’s mission in my life.


Prayer centres us; it settles us and our ever-wondering thoughts. In the gospel accounts, Jesus calms the storm. He still is in the business of doing that today…

As wonderful as social media is, it can be a profound distraction. It takes wisdom to use it wisely. One can become so focused on keeping up with the Joneses that one is not accomplishing one’s own goals in life and running one’s own race with vigour.

Help me, Father God, to realize that though the internet has not ‘moral code,’ I can trust you to guide me each day into complete truth. Thank you that by trusting you and surrendering to Your perfect will, I can experience real, lasting peace and know that my time is well spent.


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