Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

Why is it so difficult to remain focused in our day? I would say, more generally, that this has always been a challenge for people.

Yes, technology has made it harder to keep the “the main thing the main thing,” to borrow an expression I’ve heard before. At the same time, our devices have supposedly connected us more easily, allowed us to better keep track of our schedules and have kept our priorities in check.


But is that really true? The Fitbit has revolutionized our ability to track. Because of our increasingly sedentary lifestyle in the West, technology has fulfilled our insatiable desire to measure by providing us with a tool that can monitor our fitness “progress.”

I would argue, however, the quantity is not always quality, in life. Jesus chose to pour Himself into only twelve disciples, despite the crowds of people that swarmed around Him during His earthly public ministry, which many estimate to have lasted only 3 1/2 years. Jesus had clarity about what His mission whilst He lived among us.

Are you determined to aim for a high level of focus during your life? Pray to God that you would partner with Him in finding out your niche, both work-wise and Kingdom-wise.


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