Our Open Source Age

Did you know that we are living in the ‘Open Source’ age?

We are indeed. This means that the creative commons is expanding, and there’s plenty of the proverbial market to be shared.

I say this because the concept of Open Source has evolved from Linux-based initiatives to the realm of the social. In other words, people and companies are using media like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to share information not JUST to promote themselves or their product, but also to connect with their audience.

Connecting with your audience is where it’s at. It doesn’t take big, monolithic, behemoth-like companies to reach the masses. Smaller entities and individuals alike can connect with many others around the globe by building strong brand identities.

In an age of out-sourcing and constantly finding ways to improve a corporation or organizations bottom-line, patents are more important today than ever. This is part of the strategy Western countries are banking on to help them in their quest for remaining advanced in terms of economic standing.

So although there are many Open Source ideas floating around there, in order for companies and people to thrive, there must be copyright, patents, trademarks and intellectual property rights that are enforced so as to allow individuals and nations to not have their ideas plagiarized. A strong justice system is key for economies who wish to build long-lasting wealth and prosperity.


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