Canadian Free Speech

In Canada, we’re known to be quiet, reserved citizens, who stay out of people’s business. This week, as we looked south at our neighbours, I have been praying that the combative situation would stop. It is intriguing that issues faced during the Civil Rights period of the 1960’s have not truly gone away, but are flaming up again.

I have been thinking about how much the U.S. First Amendment, concerning free speech, is touted in the States. By contrast, in Canada we seem to be more private, reticent to share our opinions lest extremism befall us.

Canadians like to think of themselves as ‘tolerant’ and not bigoted. This is noble and we need more of this in the world in which we live. I must add, also, that the Christian message of hope and salvation in Jesus Christ alone for the lost of this broken world is the answer to all of society’s problems.


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