Book Review: Time Has Come

As I plan on releasing a treatise next October 2018 about preparing for the times in which we live, I came across an interesting book by the famed Jim Bakker, entitled The Time Has Come. For those of you who have seen the Praise the Lord (PTL) network, you would know who he is, along with his former wife, Tammy Faye. Us Millennials are a little too young too have seen this show and understood it, but likely we have heard about the scandal that was really the beginning of several scandals that rocked the Christian world over the next few decades…


In his 2013 book, Mr. Bakker takes a critical, fresh look at the book of Revelation. I find his approach to by fascinating. As someone who has been in jail for several years, he understands suffering and his views are that Christians are likely going to actually going to live through the Great Tribulation. Evidenced in his new talk show, he has been very much a pioneer in the “survivalist” mentality in which he urges people to prepare for what lies ahead.

No one obviously knows with any certainty what the future holds, but Bakker’s view contrasts with many North American scholars who firmly hold that followers of Christ will be raptured (based on the Greek root-word) before Jesus returns again, and will not experience the brunt of the suffering that others supposedly would. Christians who espouse this view point to the verse that states, “He has not appointed us to suffer wrath but to receive salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ,” (1 Thess. 5:9).

Anyways, for a thoughtful believer, I recommend picking up this book and examining Bakker’s arguments in light of what the Holy Scripture teaches.


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