Why I like The Gideons

Subsequent to my grandfather passing away almost three and a half years ago, I have decided to join The Gideons International in Canada. My grandpa was a proud Gideon. That was not the reason I joined, but caused me to look personally at the organization and I discovered a solid, Biblical group of people devoted to the spread of God’s Word throughout the world… not just Canada.

Since joining The Gideons, I have heard of at least one other story of someone who was influenced to join because of their grandfather, and I have developed informal mentor-mentee relationships. As The Gideons moves away from traditional areas where it once had a dominant presence (hotels, hospitals, schools), it now has to ensure that its membership is well-versed in how to share their faith with the people around them.

For this reason, during the fall conferences this year, the focus will be on evangelism training. I plan to attend the Eastern Conference in Oshawa, and trust this will be a true blessing to fellowship with other brothers and sisters in the Lord and to learn about ways to share our common faith.

Like any organization, raising funds can be a challenge. But I have to congratulate The Gideons – they do a fantastic job; partly, through membership fees, partly through various fundraisers like dessert fundraisers, or simply relying on the donations of Christians who fundamentally believe in the ministry.

Through their “Share Word Global” initiative, The Gideons are sending Bibles to very strategic locations, like the Ukraine, South America and China. The Lord has opened up some incredible doors overseas… What’s more, The Gideons continues to forge wonderful partnerships with organizations that are committed to meeting the needs of folks in developing countries, promoting literacy and education.

What’s more, a new generation of young leaders are rising up to share the Gospel via The Gideons through the Send Me initiative to millennials right here in Canada… There is lots of excitement afoot as God’s Word and Truth is going out to all Canadians, including our Indigenous population and Northern communities.

Praise God for what He’s doing, and keep praying for workers in in the harvest (Matt. 9:38; Lk. 10:2)!


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