The Importance of the Local Church

The local expression of the body of church is vital to its overall thriving and health.

Unlike during the period of the Holy Roman Empire, when the church had become institutionalized, the church needs to stay connected at a grassroots level to the communities in which it finds itself, so that it can stand out, like a beacon of hope in a dark world. There has been much talk in recent years about the multiplication of disciples. In order for the church to achieve this, believers need to surrender Lordship of their lives over to Jesus, and actively seek to do His will by meaningfully engaging their neighbours, colleagues and coworkers.

I went to an evening worship session at the beginning of the fall. The leader who was heading up the evening was sharing how the church has a diminishing societal influence in one sense today, but that though people may not be “listening” to Christians, followers of Christ are being watched as never before. Put differently, though we may not be aware, the people around us are paying closer attention to how our actions line up with our words.

In sum, engaging the society around us for the sake of the Gospel is never an easy task. In point of fact, it is impossible without coming in agreement with and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit in so doing. I look forward to the Gideons Evangelism Conference in a couple weekends and hearing the perspectives that will be shared concerning sharing our faith with others. Let us pray for a harvest of Christians greater than in the book of Acts! Lord, cause us for your name’s sake to join you in the great endeavour of effectively fishing for men and women…


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