How Should Evangelicals Respond to Halloween?

As Evangelical Christians, we are forced to confront the pull and push of our culture.


Halloween is a holiday much celebrated by the culture at large. A lot of candy is sold on this date, after all! Like Christmastime, retailers rejoice in the sales that are made in preparation for this day. Many people expend much energy decorating & getting ready for this day (or evening). How are Christians supposed to respond, then?

Well, first of all, let me acknowledge that I think this holiday has grown in importance in secular society. From informally speaking with a colleague, October 31st has become so much more significant in the culture at large in the last 25 years, even. Nevertheless, I have fond memories of school parties and times when I have trick-or-treated. I remember as a young boy going out as a fireman, alongside my father, who was also a fireman. I also remember another year when I was a little older when I went out as a “headless horseman” and tripped down the front stairs of my front porch!

As Christians, I think we can reach out to our community in big ways. I am not against dressing up. The costumes are okay in my estimation, as long as they are not too evil. (Even if they are, though, our Lord Jesus has already overcome Satan and every demonic force by rising from the grave two millennia ago.) The point is to not give too much attention to evil. My church growing up in Toronto used to have an “All Saints Party” on Halloween, a fantastic alternative that was quite popular.

The name All Hallows Eve, which Halloween derives its name from is a Christian expression. We hallow the name of our Saviour. Let’s not forget how Jesus has conquered and extend candies to neighbourhood children in His name! Let’s share His love with others and the grace that has been so lavishly poured out to us…


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