Evangelism in these Troubled Times

I was listening recently to a Prophecy in the News program with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. In the episode, Cahn was stating how though there has been a “falling away” in the church, many Jewish millennials are turning to Christ in belief that He is their Messiah. This is heartening, and reflected in the November 1, 2017 Times of Israel article entitled “Jews for Jesus poll: 1/5 of Jewish millennials believe Christ was God.” There is an opening to the gospel amongst young Jewish people around the world which has previously not been seen for two thousand years. Indeed, as chronicled by Joel Rosenberg and Nabeel Qureshi, Muslims are meeting Jesus in visions and through Christians sharing their faith, and turning to faith in Christ at astounding rates, too. In much the same way that the Chinese church has had to go “underground” and secretive, so are Muslims having to be covert about their faith in regimes such as Iran. These Muslims are realizing that ISIS is not the way, and that Jesus’ message is the only way to true salvation.

I would ask you: search your hearts and pray for disciples from all people groups to come to saving faith in Christ. If you live in Canada, you have to look no further than your front porch to see the diversity of the world. As a native from Toronto, I know first-hand that the nations have come to Canada. We are a very diverse country—and this is our strength.

Last week I posted this on Facebook:

Imagine that you were drowning, and someone offered to throw you a PFD. Would you not accept that offer and cling to the PFD, since your life depended on it? Well that PFD is representative of our Lord Jesus, and the salvation that is found in Him alone… which he extends to each one of us.

Could that be true in Canada? Could we employ innovative models like the Gideons’ GRID model to tell others about Jesus in our circle of influence? Sure, no technique is the whole answer, but if we all felt a pressing need to save the lost, wouldn’t this motivate us to care more about the eternal destinies of those around us?


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