Putting off Entitlement

I refer to my earlier post of June 30th of this year. We live in a society of “entitlement.” It’s no wonder our friends to the south of us use this very term to describe government programs that at times feel like a drag on the overall economy. Being a participant in life rather than a spectator means that you don’t have to always assert your “rights” and get want you want. Now. Let’s face it, life isn’t fair. It rarely turns out exactly the way we want it to.

In this Christmas season, gratitude should give way to generosity. The good Lord taught us that it is better to give than to receive (Acts 20:35).


This selflessness is grounded in the fact that Jesus condescended to earth to live in our place. To feel what it was like to be human, and most importantly to give his life, shedding his precious blood as an atoning sacrifice for all who believe on his name!


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