The Refugee Crisis

The biggest wave of refugees since the Second World War. Syria, as a state, has been shattered. Thousands upon thousands of families have fled and Damascus is in ruins (Isa. 17:1). The prophecy is being fulfilled before our very eyes.


What started under 10 years ago has become a full-fledged humanitarian crisis. In the same way that Canada opened up its shores to the Vietnamese “boat people” in the 1970’s, we have generously welcomed Syrians here through our sponsorship program.

This Christmas, I was able to listen to compelling stories from both sides of my family about how churches are welcoming “the foreigner” into our land, those who have been hit hardest by this humanitarian catastrophe. Canada, open-hearted land that it is, has struck in my estimation a good balance between security-consciousness and the full-on welcoming of Syrians as carried out by European nations, most notably Germany.

$30,000 is a lot of money to raise in order to sponsor a family. Yet, the cost of living in our country, especially large metropolises like Toronto, Vancouver & Montreal is quite high. Once the family in question has settled in, jobs need to be found and bills need to be paid. Thankfully, many of these refugees are Christian and can integrate into the sponsoring church community. Nevertheless, culture plays a role and some refugees are Muslim.

Canada, a land of peace and refuge… so thankful to live here!


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