Some Interesting Discoveries…

This past New Years Eve day, I came across some interesting news from Bob Cornuke. He approaches his archaeological research based on the skillset afforded by him by his undercover police officer background. Also, he takes the Bible literally for what it says.

In addition to the proposition that Mount Sinai is actually in Saudi Arabia rather than Israel, which he bases on the Scriptural passage of Galatians 4:25 and his travels to the region with Larry Williams, Cornuke believes that Solomon’s Temple was actually located in the City of David, which is south of the Temple Mount. Check out the video below:

If this discovery were accurate, the implications could be far reaching. Would it be possible for Israel to rebuild their next temple soon? The Temple Mount Institute, and other similar organizations, are eager to start this project…

Already, many who have held the long-standing tradition that the Temple Mount would be the site of the future temple are loathe to give up this notion. For generations, the belief that most Jews held was that the temple would be build at the present-day Dome of the Rock. The only problem was, how could the temple possibly be reconstructed here, given that this is where the Al-Aqsa Mosque is, the third holiest place for Muslims, after Mecca and Medina?

The temple is a big part of the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, and if you take the Scripture literally, much of Revelation and other prophetic passages presuppose that Israel will start up animal sacrifice again. If you are interested in Bible prophesy, I would encourage you to order a copy of Living in Our Times, a book I plan on releasing this year.


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