Something which church fathers down through the ages have taught us is how meditation can help us in our Christian walk to draw closer to Jesus. Though in more recent times the Protestant church has balked at the idea, slowing down to remember is a spiritual discipline, fitting hand-in-glove with a strong prayer life and study of Scripture. We can draw closer to God as we feel Him lovingly embrace us.

Countless times in the Psalms, the reader is implored to recall God’s faithfulness. If we take time and contemplate, we Christian pilgrims will consider God’s blessings, our mortality and the purpose for which we were put on this earth. I included the photo below to show how much technology has changed in my short 31 years.


From left to right, you witness a medley of technology and how it has evolved over the years. How does it relate to meditation, you may ask? It relates because we can consider how God has given us good brains with which we can think up all of this technology, continually improving the previous inventions. Now our sinful state doesn’t continually improve, but the point is that man (and woman) were made in God’s image and as bearers of that image, we can accomplish a lot if we set our minds to it!


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