“Let no debt remain outstanding…”


God’s Word is clear that we are to love deeply. Romans 13:8 says that this is the only debt we are to leave outstanding! The question is, as we walk in the way of love, how do we follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit?

Many ways. God speaks through his Word, godly counsel (friendships), nature. Oftentimes we’re moving too quickly to hear him, though. Think of Elijah’s encounter with God in 1 Kings 13. Elijah thought that God was speaking to Him in grandiose ways, like the fire, the wind or the earthquake. But the truth was that God was in the still, small voice (v. 12).

How do we position ourselves to hear from God, when He regularly speaks to us in quiet ways? We listen carefully. Pay attention to Him in His Holy Word. Soak in His presence, worship Him alone. I return to my original point: love God and love others. All other commandments hinge on these two points (Matt. 22:36-40).

In helping us to stop and remember God’s faithfulness, there are good resources out there. I like the mantra of the slow church movement. The twenty-first century is moving at lightening speed, but as Christians we can choose to walk in the way of love and the path God has chosen for us here on earth.


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