The Value of Curiosity

question-423604_1280Curiosity is a marvellous gift. I fancy myself to be curious, and it has held me in good stead. As a Christian, I try to approach my faith with childlike wonder (Matt 11:25-26). I endeavour to keep my relationship with God pure, not syncretic. My desire is to come to Jesus on His terms, not mine—because He knows what’s best for me. I am not acting childish, but unveiling the mystery of what it means to live in complete, utter dependence on the Lord Jesus.

In coming to Christ, I want my faith to be holistic. I do not want any part of my life untouched by the magnanimity of Jesus. How can I do this? By cultivating generosity and gratitude. One of the ways Christians in Ottawa the last few years is with The Big Give. This is a time when the churches, in unity, come together usually in June to reach out to the community with a welcoming heart. Random acts of kindness are carried out and lives are influenced for the better, free of charge, of course. Some churches choose to do car washes or some other benevolent, charitable service. This is great—the Bible sure has lots to say about unity! See John 17:21-22 and Eph. 4:13 for starters, if you want to delve into this subject.

When Christians keep their curiosity alive and extend a loving embrace to their communities in love, it is an act of worshiping God. We cannot keep all 613 Levitical commandments (the Hebrew “Mitzvot”). It is impossible. All of us somehow fall short. Even a little bit of impurity ruins are relationship before a holy, just God. That is why we need Jesus to stand in the gap between the Divine and us humans. He was perfectly God and perfectly man. He did no wrong, and His record was spotlessly clean. A lamb without blemish (Jn. 1:29).

When we practice mindfulness, remembering what our Saviour has done for us, we cultivate our faith. Measurable steps can me taken, trusting God will provide for our needs. Our faith can even move mountains! Read Matthew 17:20—all it takes is the faith of a mustard seed to see God do incredible things in the world around us.


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