Continuing education is a wonderful thing. Any learning pays dividends. You may not experience the benefit now, but you will later. You reap what you sow (Gal. 6:7). Like withdrawing from an investment account or saving up for a big purchase, it can take time to see the effects, yet improving your education will always bear positive fruit.

This year I took four courses. One was a novel writing course through Winghill Writing School, and the other three were to complete the rest of my five-course Information Access and Protection of Privacy (IAPP) Certificate from the Faculty of Extension at the University of Alberta.

As an author, I think that Winghill provided great insight in how I can grow in this career. As an Access to Information and Privacy analyst, I have been thankful to learn about the provincial legislation and health access framework afforded to me by the excellent IAPP program. It has been great, through the discussion posts, midterm exams and essay questions to further explore questions of privacy and how it relates to our inter-connected twenty-first century.

The IAPP Certificate has helped me get my Senior Analyst position at Library and Archives Canada. I am also thankful for the Canadian Access and Privacy Association (CAPA) Canadian Information Access and Privacy Professional (CIAPP) designation. These designations are often necessary to advance in your chosen career: be it as an engineer, financial services advisor or insurance broker.


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