The Post

I had the opportunity to see the movie The Post last weekend with a friend of mine. It centres around the United States First Amendment and the right to free speech. During the involvement in Vietnam, the Washington Post uncovered some secret government documents about how the war was a failure, going all the way back to Lyndon B. Johnson.

This thrust the Washington Post company, which recently underwent an initial public offering, into the limelight. It was headed by a female, played marvellously by Meryl Streep, in a time when men ruled the world, to put it bluntly.

Steven Spielberg has a knack for making big blockbuster hits, and having a pulse on the times. He’s done this with Indiana Jones, Jaws, ET and Schindler’s List. And he’s done it again in The Post. Are we living in a “fake news” era, where the press is being suppressed? Maybe. Or maybe not.

For sure, American conservatives have a deep distrust of the “liberal” media. Perhaps rightly so. But on the other hand, a free, independent press has always been something which we must fight for.

As a Christian, I view this process a bit like our sanctification. God works on us little by little, though we are simultaneously sinner and saint. We must never give up pursuing holiness (Heb. 12:14). He chisels away our rough edges. The famous Puritan, John Owen, confessed “Ever be killing sin, lest sin be killing you.” I like this mantra.


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