Kub Kars

In the Cub Scout calendar, we are in the middle of working on our Kub Kars. It is a great activity to get the youth engaged in as they build these toy Kars from kits. The youth can learn about working with their hands, and bond with their parents as they work on this fun project.

A sense of friendly competition is introduced as the Cubs race their Kars early in March. Groups from across the area get together to see who has the fastest car! It’s amazing what weights, graphite, straight nails and sanded-down wheels can do in the way of increasing speed.

For our American friends, Kub Kars are the Canadian equivalent of Pinewood Derby cars. Building Kub Kars is also a great way to exercise creativity as they are often painted and decorated to the Cubs’ tastes.

The last couple of years have been challenging since due to insurance purposes, we have not been able to use power tools in our rented facility where our Cub pack meets. Not to worry! We are working with another pack that will help us cut our Kars using a bandsaw.


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