Some of you may have been watching the skiing at the Winter Olympics Pyeongchang County, South Korea. For me, this past weekend marked the annual tradition of ski trips with my family. Although we somehow got our weekends flipped, with the help of a little scheduling, we were off the races! One day at Mont Sainte-Marie, an hour north of Ottawa, and one day at Calabogie Peaks. We did this trip last year, and have also gone to Mont Tremblant the year before that.

I’ve never joined the snowboard-craze, but I’ve enjoyed skiing since an early age. I’m thankful my parents enrolled me in a ski-school when I was six at Centiennal Park. It’s a good place to go for young learners… it was actually a garbage dump that they created a hill on.

As I grew older, I would go with my dad, brother and family friends to Quebec during our March Break. We skied Orford, Le Massif, Mont Sainte-Anne and St-Sauveur. They were great vacations! I must admit, the Quebec cuisine was pretty phenomenal.

My dad was never one to take us to Disney World. It was too commercial for him. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to Wonderland several times, but for our family vacations it was usually camping or a really exciting ski trip!

Hopefully, this weekend I will get to Winterlude, the annual winter celebration similar to Quebec City’s Carnaval. I have also enjoyed cross-country skiing in recent years, in particular. If you live in a cold city this winter, make sure to get out and celebrate the weather while it lasts.


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