Riverview Park Review of The Factory Challenge & Energized


At the Dec. 8th, 2017 book launch of The Factory Challenge and Energized which I hosted at my home, I showcased my first two short stories, and was honoured to have Carole Moult of the Riverview Park Review in attendance. I am thankful to her for writing such a glowing review!

As someone who attended teacher’s college (where I met my wife), apparently I may have bumped in to Ms. Moult, who used to teach teachers at the University of Ottawa, in the English stream. Carole works hard each month to not only contribute to the writing of the local paper, but also to bring in advertisements that keep it going. Thank you, Carole for what you do to make this community better!

These two short stories I wrote are loosely autobiographical. The Factory Challenge and Energized centre around two men who are ambitious and strike out on his own, trying to start their own ventures, encountering challenges and overcoming them. These are qualities that I’d like to think I possess, and so my father and my grandfathers. My one grandfather, similar to Bob McConnell, brokered second mortgages. But instead of working at an investment house like Bob, my grandpa moved up in the Metro Toronto roads division, starting as a surveyor, then Chief Maintenance Engineer, Chief Projects Engineer and finally the Director of Roads & Planning.


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