Tapping Maple Syrup

I plan on tapping maple syrup soon!

20180223_170615 (2)

That’s right… it’s a Canadian tradition (both French and English). Also, places like Vermont and New Hampshire are into it. Some folks opt for a complicated version, with tubes going to large vats boiling maple syrup. I’m keeping it simple. And small. At least this year, since it’s my first year tapping!

My set-up will look a little bit like this one. On our family land, I rebuilt my grandfather’s fire pit. If you want to see a picture of what the stove now looks like, check out the top portion of my cover art for my book The Factory Challenge and Energized—this is what the pit looks like now! Grandpa used to boil down the maple syrup in a second stage at home, as he lived only a few minutes away. I, on the other hand, will not go back to Ottawa for the second stage. I have a Coleman stove for that part!

In addition, I have had to collect ten 2-litre or 4-litre containers to use with the spiles and tubes I purchased online. These containers, along with my jars, will have to be thoroughly cleaned.

I’ve made arrangements for the wood (a face cord)—of which I’m likely to use a fair amount. For me, though, this whole journey is about enjoying the outdoors at this time of the year. My dad is supposed to pop by too!