Inductive Study


Doing inductive Bible study last night with friends at small group reminded me of my Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) days! I was on the leadership team for this ministry at the University of Ottawa during the 2006-2007 academic year. This was a formative experience, and I really found that IVCF helped shape me in my faith, and was a faithful witness to folks on campus.

The fact that inductive study is still popular is a testament to its effectiveness. Instead of being spoon-fed deductive reasoning from the Biblical text, participants can delve deeply and 1) make observations about what the passage is saying (as well as how it’s being said); 2) ask good questions of the text and 3) try to figure out application to real life.

Participants can freely mark up their text, which usually is pretty plainly printed out on the page. You can use to strip away chapter numbers and subtitles that could be distracting for students studying the Word.

Last night, we examined Matthew Chpater 1, as a roomful of participants. We pooled theories about the genealogies in the first half of the chapter and talked about how Jesus broke in to humanity’s bloodline by appearing in the flesh! A good time was had by all…


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