Shed Cleaning


This week, I along with my dad and wife, have worked at the family plot of land to try and tap Maple syrup. So far, given the cooler temperatures, there really has only been one tree that has produced any sap.

The majority of my time has been spent trying to tidy up the property. Most of the day today I spent cleaning up the shed, and transporting wood from it to the outdoor newly created pile. Completing the clean-up was satisfying! It had been neglected for several years when my grandfather fell in ill-health. The squirrels seemed to have gone berserk in the shed! There was a ton of walnuts in that I had to shovel outside.

Probably the coolest part were the objects I found by chance in the shed. It felt like an archaeological dig! I unearthed knives, forks, spoons, a can opener and a really neat tin.

You know, sometimes our faith can feel like that. Like, we’re trudging through everyday life, and then all of a sudden in our Christian walk, Jesus shows us some hidden gem that we hadn’t noticed before, though we’d seen it a thousand times before. These treasures can appear small, but don’t pass them by! It could be a special relationship you never gave much thought to, an old routine that has freshness infused back in into it, or a warm memory bringing back a rush of feeling and excitement…


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