My new books: Father to the Childless and Living in Our Times

It’s finally here in paperback! My devotional for couples struggling with infertility, entitled Father to the Childless. This non-fiction book is meant to encourage anyone who is facing life’s major trials. The first part of the book was written before I got married and includes various sections on Christian living, such as on self-denial and the fruit of the Spirit.

I am including the cover pages of Father to the Childless, as well as Living in Our Times. The latter is a treatise arguing that we need to prepare ourselves spiritually by living godly lives in Christ Jesus, given the times in which we live. With the turmoil in the Middle East, a growing Russian bear, an aggressive and dangerous North Korea, as well as a rapidly changing world technologically, we need to be vigilant in prayer. At the same time it is crucial to get the gospel out to all corners of the earth, making disciples “as we go” about our daily comings and goings …

Stay tuned – later in the year I will be having a book party at my house celebrating the release of these two works!

Father to the Childless_Cover - website-1


Living in Our Times - revised cover - website-1


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