French vs. English Housing

As someone interested in architecture and real estate, I can’t help but notice two distinct housing styles in Ottawa. I live near Vanier, where many houses have either white bricks or vinyl siding. This is the French-Canadian style. The country homes of this background are also closer to the road. For example, along Highway 17, east of Rockland, the homes are not as set back as they would be along properties in a similar setting in English Canada.

Another contrasting element in housing compared to where I grew up in the Bloor West Village in Toronto is the building material. In this neighbourhood, the homes are fairly close together and are almost all made out of red bricks. Many of these houses date from the 1920’s. It is true that lots of modern homes have plastic siding, too.

A final note – I have noticed an increase in homelessness where I live. Today, I bought a sandwich and gave a New Testament to him. Let us be in prayer for folks in our cities and towns who are living through difficult circumstances. Let’s pray for those who may be trapped in difficult family situations, addictions and mired with other challenges.


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