Book Signing


Today, I had the immense privilege of signing a number of my Factory Challenge and Energized books at the Coles Billings Bridge bookstore. They have a great store and their staff is so friendly and professional. Check out their Facebook page! Why not pop by there to pick up a book from your favourite author?

I had the honour of explaining my short stories to customers, and the upcoming novel that I am writing. I write about Canadian topics, entrepreneurialism and the energy industry, in a fictionalized, memoir-like way in The Factory Challenge and Energized.

Here are some of the highlights of the day:

  • One of my customers, from Sudbury, expressed how coal companies are major employers in her part of the country. Perhaps I could weave this into a gripping storyline for a future novel!
  • A repeat patterns in talking to customers was about how book clubs are formative in their experience of reading, enjoying books and having a shared time with of fellowship / kinship with others. I like how these gatherings can be centred around meals, and cooking, which is what my father does when he gets together with his Scouting buddies to study and critique the Harvard Classics.
  • One customer encouraged me in my upcoming suspense / thriller full-length novel that I am writing. In discussing current events and the media, she mentioned how readers are looking for the drama, the intrigue and the on-the-edge-of-your-seat excitement that all good authors help foster in the mind of the reader. What great advice!
  • Another customer, working in the tech sector, is part of my target audience. He understood and was interested in how my writing centres around fascinating, cutting-edge technological trends in the world in which we live. My upcoming novel takes place in both Ottawa and Toronto, and deals with corporate citizenship. It will be a fast-paced thriller.
  • Yet another customer appreciated my Father to the Childless book, and was encouraged when I told her that my endless source of strength comes from my faith. Jesus Christ is the Lord and Saviour of my life!

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