Ottawa Christian Writers Annual Conference


What a blessing, after my book signing earlier today, to attend the Annual Conference of the Ottawa Christian Writers’ Fellowship. It isn’t just the National Capital Region: this association of writers is connected to the Word Guild, a group of Christian writers spanning the country, who meet together, collaborating and sharing ideas to better refine their craft of figuratively putting pen to paper.

A smattering of highlights during my time at the conference:

  • Catching the tail end of a fabulous session on self-publishing, presented by David Kitz, a well-known Ottawa author who has written such captivating reads as Psalms Alive! and The Soldier Who Killed a King. Interesting to be reminded of the pros / cons of self-publishing vs. the traditional route to writing a book. Also, cool to note that my wife and mother-and-law know Mr. Kitz!
  • Meeting Mr. Kitz’s son, Timothy Kitz, a local Ottawa editor, who has written for The Leveller.
  • Bartering a book with musician Cathy Goddard for her music – I traded The Factory Challenge and Energized for a copy of her CD!
  • Hearing about how an attendee, who resonated with my Father to the Childless devotional, and struggles with infertility, has found contentment with her husband in adopting a child.

Put this all together with a theologically-grounded, Christ-centred theme to the day, and what a life-giving, wholesome time spent with fellow believers! I love the notion of us believers being part of the diverse, intricate body of Jesus. It was a guiding tenet of our time together. The various denominational backgrounds of those in attendance made for a rich sense of togetherness in proclaiming the shared gospel of Jesus Christ to one another, as we celebrated our holy union with Him! Indeed, we are co-workers with God (1 Cor. 3:9). He is our lead, and we follow His every move, lockstep with Him as He gently reveals to us the safe, fruitful way home, full of abundant ministry work for His cause and renown…


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