Equipment Training & Shelter Building

This morning and early afternoon, I went to a training session with an organization I volunteer with to learn how to set up shelters, as well as to use and repair stoves / lanterns. It is so important to keep equipment that we use in good order! Well-maintained equipment, which has parts replaced, can last a very long time indeed.

Jesus Christ Himself said that we need to “count the cost” of following Him, realizing that following Him comes at a cost (Luke 14:25-34). Likewise to the natural, we need to carefully plan out when we build any sort of structure or undertake any type of project, lest we leave the work unfinished.

I’m so happy that Jesus paid for our sins in full, and that He paid the ultimate cost on the cross, to die for you and me. Life is a training ground… our goal being heaven! Christ makes a way for us, if we humbly accept his yoke and ask for forgiveness of our sins, continually turning in repentance to Him.

Building any structure is big endeavour, requiring lots of planning and strategic thinking. My protagonist, Bob McConnell, did this in The Factory Challenge and Energized. He stepped out of his comfort zone to start a new venture. He risked failure. In the second short story of this book, Josh McConnell, the grandson, found comfort in his faith, remarried and sought to rebuild a life dashed by a “successful” career change, propagated by a job loss in the lucrative oil field. I was so fortunate to sign and sell several copies last weekend at the Coles bookstore shopping mall at Billings Bridge in Ottawa!



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