Mother and Father’s Day

Father to the Childless_Cover - website-1

With couples around me adopting or fostering children, I have come to find great healing, strength and comfort from my faith in Jesus Christ. I volunteer and try to show Christian love to children in a variety of settings. As humanly challenging as it is, my love for Christ allows ushers the way for me to be happy for expecting parents. I even approach my Saviour with a childlike faith (Matt. 18:3). I explore all these topics in more in my Father to the Childless book.

Although it still feels like winter outside with the weather, we know that on Sunday, May 13th and Sunday, June 18th, Mother’s and Father’s Day will occur. As my mother reminded me a little while back, we can celebrate our own parents, and don’t need to be reminded of the fact that we may not be parents ourselves.

It is this generosity and charity that I would say is unique to the Christian faith. Love God and love others is the summation of our Biblical command. I am happy this coming December 7th to celebrate the release of both my Father to the Childless book and the Living in Our Times treatise I wrote on the subject of eschatology (Bible prophecy). With the rebirth of Israel, especially, as a clear prophetic sign, we are living in exciting times. Maranatha, come quickly Lord Jesus!


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