Is blogging dead?


question-423604_1280As technology continues to evolve, many people wonder what role weblogging, or blogging for short, will continue to have. As someone who enjoys using Facebook and Twitter, I realize that many young people prefer to turn to SnapChat and other social media sites these days. In the same way, blogging perhaps has suffered a measure of popularity.

Certainly, times change. MySpace, MSN Messenger and ICQ were all popular a decade or two ago. That’s not a long time ago, in the grand scheme of things! If you’re interested in how technology has changed us, I suggest you read the free article I’ve written on the matter.

I would argue, however, that there is still room for blogging, going forward. Though the publishing industry, with self-publishing, and the newspapers, through online news sources, have suffered immensely through ‘creative destruction,’ I believe that these companies have been refined. Same goes with blogging. When people blog, it starts a two-way conversation, much like the commenting function for online newspaper articles.

So, in conclusion, technology destroys some industries, or more accurately some ways of doing business. But real estate, printing, manufacturing, farming … really any and every area of human work can be positively affected by technological change. Bitcoin, or cryptocurrency, could be that next breakthrough. Drones and artificial intelligence, which I explore in my next book, could be used for positive or negative ends, like any tool.

Reading will not die. Kindles, e-book readers, companies like Smashwords, have all proved that people love to read. Stories are important. As a Christian, I know that the Word of God will endure (Isa. 40:8; 1 Pet. 1:25; Heb. 4:12). Reading will not go out of style. The conduits may vary, but no matter the medium, people will continue to like fiction or non-fiction works.


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