It’s a …. novella!


Alas, after five months of outlining, character development and, of course, writing in my spare time, I have completed my novella, called The Canadian Operative, an intriguing political thriller, which I originally considered writing as a novel. Clocking in at over 29,000 words, I am immensely happy with the content. Novellas are narrative that have similar elements to novels, but are more concise and have a range of words between 7,500 and 40,000 words.

I admire writers who write full-length novels (70,000 – 110,000 words) for the mass market, and make a living at it. I, however, found that with my storyline, I reached the “sweet spot” and did not want to carry on excessively in my writing with the plot that I had. With my word count, at about 120 pages, it makes for a succinct read in a few relatively short sittings.

After doing my research, I have submitted my work to four publications, in the hope of getting it published!

Many people argue that novellas are making a comeback. Lots of famous writers have explored this form of storytelling in the past, like George Orwell’s Animal Farm and Ray Bradbury’s Farenheit 451. I’m confident this resurgence will be popular well into the future.


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