Check out my newest work, Father to the Childless, a Christian devotional intended to help couples struggling with infertility. Also, it is a great resource for everyone, since the first part of the book address challenges we all face! It is also available on Kindle and audiobook.

How the Internet Has Affected Us – A free article I wrote concerning the tremendous effects the Internet has had on everyone.

My first non-fiction work, Living in Our Times, is now available on Amazon Kindle! It is also available on Amazon in audiobook and paperback format. The audiobook is also available on Audible. Graeme partnered with Voices Over Easy Media Services to put together a high-quality audiobook narrated by Steve Krumlauf. Also, Graeme is very thankful to Stacey Atkinson at Mirror Image Publishing for editing all of my work!

My debut short stories are combined in a paperback version you can purchase online. Click on the link below to order it:


In “The Factory Challenge,” Bob McConnell discovers that gaining wealth does not satisfy his longings. His resourcefulness and entrepreneurial drive lead him and his family to dream big. This historical work reads like a memoir and is sure to inspire you!

“Energized” centres around the importance of family. Josh McConnell, Bob’s grandson, overcomes obstacles and finds meaningful employment, while strengthening his family ties and persevering in the face of overwhelming difficulties. Along the journey, he learns fascinating tid-bits about Canadian history and politics.


My e-books can be found on Smashwords. Also, you can find “The Factory Challenge” and “Energized” on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing! The price is only $0.99 USD each.

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